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Research was carried out into best practices in gender positive provision across the European VET sector, with common features and approaches analysed in an eBook. This fed into a series of minimum requirements which a gender positive organisation needs to follow. These requirements have been presented in a ‘Gender Positive Charter’.

Gender Positive Charter

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The findings from our research were used as the foundation for the development of an interactive assessment tool for VET (Vocational Education and Training) organisations to benchmark their current gender policies. It highlights areas for improvement and how these can be addressed (e.g. what institutional changes/training is needed). The results from this tool also map across to the Gender+ Charter, showing an organisation the extent to which they meet the minimum requirements.

Gender Footprint Benchmarking Tool

Open Book

Gender Champion Skills Profile

Appointing a Gender Champion is a key feature of gender positive provision. This output involved field research with equality and diversity leaders, HR professionals, VET organisational leaders etc. to identify what the needs and profile of such a role would be; information which has been presented in a formal skills profile. This research has also informed other resources (guides, service-set up tools etc.) to help VET organisations establish such a role. These resources are presented on this website alongside the Benchmarking Tool and Charter.

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